Not a textbook, but just as bad…

My school doesn’t use a textbook for math, so I’m not quite in the same boat as Dan.  Mine might be worse, it’s a scripted program that actually has quotes that teachers are supposed to use during instruction.  Luckily we’re not held to that if we understand 5th grade math (some of the co-workers need the quotes).  The homework and parent sheets though are supposed to be used.  I understand that, if we are going to say we use that program, we should use their materials.  However, errors like the one below makes it incredibly hard to use.


Good picture that shows different triangles and how polygons can be cut into triangles, right?  Then, they go and screw it up by trying to identify the triangles.  Here is the word for word on triangle B:

Triangle B is known as an isosceles acute triangle because it has two equal sides and all angles are less than 90 degrees.

Well, is there any way possible that triangle B is an isosceles triangle?  I know it’s only one mistake and they get missed occasionally, but this is on the parent information sheet.  How can I send that home?


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