Here. We. Go.

Here we go. I’ve got too many things going through my head. I need to get them out, no matter how crazy they sound or how poorly typed they become. Try working in an elementary school for a year, you’ll know exactly how I feel. Some of the thoughts will be concerning students, some will be dealing with colleagues, and many will be about administration issues. This isn’t about slamming anyone or bragging about myself (or love).

You should probably be aware of some things:

  • I won’t talk about how much I love my students. Teachers that do drive me crazy. Love is special, you may love a select few students. Way too many teachers claim to love 10 students every year. BS.
  • Teachers that brag about how long they have taught drive me crazy. This claim is usually used as evidence that he/she does not need help or does not need to change anything they are doing. If you can make this claim and do no want to change, I’ve got news for you—> TIMES HAVE CHANGED!
  • I’m actually a positive person.
  • Sharing ideas and learning new things makes me very happy. How can we expect our students to learn and help each other if we aren’t willing to do it?
  • I love youtube and will link to it shamelessly.

Hopefully, this road goes on forever.