Curriculum, Rabble, Rabble, PLC

I’ve got a 1/2 day math curriculum meeting in the a.m. this week and a 1/2 day “PLC Planning Committee” meeting for the other 1/2 day.  There is no way this goes well.  Luckily (hopefully), I’m the only faculty member that is on both committees.  This should allow for a lot of ideas and discussion to take place, instead of the talk being dominated by just a couple of individuals.

I do not have high hopes for these meetings.  The meetings in the past have been unorganized with no clear objective or focus.  We will most likely discuss testing protocols, which we have done twice this year.  We will mention that we have significant gaps in our curriculum, but will not brainstorm any solutions.  Anyway, that has been how it has been approached in the past, I’ve got an itch to try and force the issue on the curriculum.  It will depend on how brave I am feeling.

Then, we get to the afternoon meeting.  PLC Planning will be a trainwreck.  We have bi-weekly meetings that are called “PLC’s”.  These do not resemble any definition of PLC that I have read.  We have done nothing this year that is focused on data, student achievement, or professional development.  They have been nothing more than faculty meetings covering what each grade level teaches.  When we planned the topics and focus last year, there were quite a few ideas thrown out.  Yet, time was never made for implementation of these ideas.  PLC’s end up being thrown together a day before we meet.  The committee is actually on the same page, we just have to get our administration with us.  We’ll see how that goes.

So, yeah.  Looking forward to a super day of meetings.  Hopefully I’m wrong, maybe we’ll reinvent the wheel tomorrow.

Did I mention this meeting was the day before our last day of the semester?  Outstanding planning on that one.